RIOT Treaty (AE-TCB oDoAP)

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RIOT Treaty (AE-TCB oDoAP) Empty RIOT Treaty (AE-TCB oDoAP)

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:59 pm

Wiki page:

Realm of Imagination Occupation Treaty

Article I: Preparation for Invasion
In the signing of this treaty The Chaos Brotherhood and Alternian Empire (hereby recognised as the 'signatories') agree to acknowledge and respect the inviolable sovereignty of their co-signatory. No member of either alliance shall violate said sovereignty; be it through acts of war, or aiding an enemy of either signatory. Communication shall be maintained in order to ensure that such acts are avoided, and to promote co-operation whilst passing through the Realm of Imagination.

Article IIa: Acquisition of Alcohol
The signatory alliances will treat one another's members with a level of respect and decency befitting their own members. Decorum and responsible behaviour is to be expected when engaging in matters of import, including the resolution of disputes in private. This will ensure the smooth production and delivery of alcohol as necessary to maximise the imagination stat of both signatories.

Article IIb: Fort Construction
The signatories shall share intelligence and information critical to the other alliance's safety where this does not conflict with other treaty obligations. This includes matters pertaining to the design and building of forts with which to enter the Realm of Imagination.

Article III: Navigate Imaginary City Streets
Should either signatory meet upon trouble on the streets within the Realm of Imagination in the form of pugilistic combat with a third party, their co-signatory shall provide political support where this does not conflict with other treaty obligations. If petitioned via official channels, the co-signatory is not obliged to provide military and/or financial aid, but has the option to do so, irrespective of who punched who first.

Article IV: Discover Whores
Sometimes, the charms of wenches can break the will of even the most professional detective. The signatories may cancel this treaty with a minimum of three (3) days private notice to be provided to one another prior to cancellation. Should one or more of the signatories be in a state of war, the Treaty cannot be cancelled until the cessation of hostilities - unless there is recognised mutual consent. Both signatories will then be free to visit whore island as they please.

Signed, on behalf of The Chaos Brotherhood
Lord Of Chaos: KenfolkGTS
Envoy Elder: Saniiro
Strategic Elder: Rstat1
Interior Elder: Magion
Quartering Elder: WingedWolf

Signed, on behalf of The Alternian Empire
RevolutionaryRebel - Empress / Agent of Diplomaneuvering
Zhangku- Agent of Auspisticizing
JohnHenryHolliday - Agent of War
Marc Rodin - Agent of Prosperity

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