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Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:34 pm

Forum Directory:

It's hard, organising an Alliance forum. It's hard and nobody understands... but we do.
This directory will help point you to where you want to be going, with a minimum of hassle and bother.

NOTE: not all links will work for non-members of the Alliance. I apologise for making it harder for you to steal our private information.

-Open Resources-
Pre-Establishment Information - Major announcements and information for new arrivals *READ FIRST*
Nation Creation Guide - Simple guide on how to register and create your first nation
Imperial Registration - Area for interested people, or new players to request membership in the Empire
Visitor Guestbook - Sign-in here as a non-member, if you wish to post in the Cybernations discussion forums.

-Alliance Resources-
Alliance News - When important stuff happens on the forum, you'll be able to find out here
Guides & Training - Resources for newer members on gameplay and nation strategy
General Discussion - General matters of Imperial interest
Trade - Updated information about Trade Circles and Tech Deals
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