Righteous Jailbreak Treaty (DRN- AE ToA)

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Righteous Jailbreak Treaty (DRN- AE ToA) Empty Righteous Jailbreak Treaty (DRN- AE ToA)

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:09 pm

Righteous Jailbreak Treaty
Article I: Start Jailbreak Adventure
In the signing of this treaty, the Alternian Empire and Dominion of Righteous Nations (hereby the Signatories) agree to acknowledge and respect the inviolable sovereignty of one another. No member of either Signatory shall violate said sovereignty; be it through acts of war, or aiding an enemy of either signatory.

Article II: Ask dungeon master
The Signatories shall share intelligence and information critical to each other’s safety where this does not conflict with other treaty obligations. They shall also engage in regular dialogue so as to ensure continued goodwill and foster co-operation towards their mutual objective of finding that pumpkin.

Article III: There has never been, and never will be, a pumpkin in this Treaty
The Signatories shall foster and encourage bilateral economic and political co-operation. They shall also provide limited military assistance should either signatory come under the attack of a third party, where this does not involve inter-Alliance conflict. Both signatories reserve the right to aid one another, under any circumstances.

Article IV: The only true prison is loneliness.
The signatories may cancel this treaty with a minimum of three (3) days private notice to be provided to one another prior to cancellation.

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