Legislacerator Act [Imperial Law; Article 2]

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Legislacerator Act [Imperial Law; Article 2] Empty Legislacerator Act [Imperial Law; Article 2]

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Article 2: Legislacerators
The Legislacerators are the hands and eyes of the Tetrarchy and the Empress, it is their job to help internal alliance affairs run smoothly. This includes gathering data and managing trade circles. However, with these duties comes power, and thus the Legislative Council shall function as a lower government to the Tetrarchy, and shall assist them in day to day affairs.

§1. Duties
Non est servire ampliorem honorem imperium

1. The duties of a Legislacerator are outlined in the charter, but will be expanded upon here.
2. The primary duty of a Legislacerator is to assist the Agent of Auspisticizing and Agent of Prosperity with the administration and organisation of Alliance members. This involves the following:
a. Communicating with their assigned members; this can be via any means possible and can range from military orders to general conversation. This also includes talking to their assigned members about what they want, in terms of goals in the Alternian Empire and Law.
b. Gathering and tracking Information; this can be on any aspect of the member, not just their nation, and this information is to be communicated to the Agent of Auspisticizing and Agent of Prosperity, or The Tetrarchy as a whole, via reports and the spreadsheet.
c. Creation of activity and co-operation; this can be via communication on how to effectively run a nation, the organisation of technology deals (Both internal and external, via the Agent of Prosperity or with their approval), or by promoting discussion about alliance affairs within their trade circles on topics of both internal and external affairs.
3. Each Legislacerator is assigned 12 members if possible, this being 2 trade circles.
a. Each Legislacerator will be assigned the trade circle they are in, if it is available.
b. The more experienced and effective Legislacerators will be assigned to newer trade circles.
c. If the number of Legislacerators is insufficient to cover all the trade circles, some may be assigned to 3 or more circles.  
4. Each Legislacerator is to report at least fortnightly on their group’s progress as a whole.
a. Reports can be made to either, The Empress, The Tetrarchy as a whole, the Agent of Auspisticizing, or the Agent of Prosperity.
b. These reports can include the thoughts and ideas of their assigned members, their current technology dealing status, or they can be as simple as “Business as usual, all are active.”

§2. The Legislative Council
Mixtum cum bonitate pares democratia commerciorum

1. A Legislative Council, composed of the Legislacerators, shall be used to help regulate and facilitate internal trade within the Alternian Empire.  The Council shall have the following powers:
a. The ability to shift member nations between different trade circles, pending consent from the Legislacerators involved, and/or the Agent of Prosperity.
b. The ability to create and destroy trade circles, pending consent from the Agent of Auspicticizing or the Agent of Prosperity, and the Legislacerators involved.
c. The ability to draft Imperial Law as per their assigned members wants and needs, to be submitted to The Tetrarchy for approval.
d. The ability to organize large-scale tech deal agreements, which the Agent of Prosperity must approve.

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