Down With The Clown Accords (TPF-AE Protectorate Pact)

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Down With The Clown Accords (TPF-AE Protectorate Pact) Empty Down With The Clown Accords (TPF-AE Protectorate Pact)

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:54 am

Article I – Freedom & Sovereignty
1. The Phoenix Federation (henceforth TPF) and the Alternian Empire (AE), recognised as ‘The Signatories’; are independent sovereign alliances and agree to respect and uphold each others’ rights as such, including but not limited to freedom of association and expression.

Article II – Protection & Defence
1. When faced with aggression by a third party, members of AE shall be treated as members of The Phoenix Federation for the purpose of military defence. TPF shall use all available avenues to provide full diplomatic, military and economic assistance to AE members found to be subjected to unwarranted aggression of any kind by third parties.
2. Should TPF be faced with aggression by a third party, AE may choose to come to the defence of TPF at the discretion of both parties.

Article III - Non-Aggression
1. AE shall consult TPF prior to the declaration of aggressive wars. If no joint declaration of support is established by the Signatories, any group or individual wars from members of AE are without approval.
2. The Signatories agree to resolve any issues between themselves peacefully and in the best interest of both parties.
3. The Signatories further agree not to provide aid or any measure of assistance to Alliances either signatory is at war with, for the duration of the conflict. Should a dispute between a signatory and third parties arise, the other signatory shall respect the other's wishes, until such time as the dispute is resolved.

Article IV - Intelligence
1. If AE or TPF come into possession of intelligence that is important to the safety of the other, they are to share it immediately.
2. The Signatories agree not to commit espionage against the other and shall respect the wishes of one another in the handling of sensitive material, especially during wartime.

Article V – Raiding
1. AE and its members shall not engage in tech raiding for the duration of this treaty, unless an arrangement is reached with TPF on safe protocols for the handling of tech raiding.

Article VI - Support & Trade
1. TPF shall assist AE in the growth, training and education of its members for the duration of this protectorate agreement.
2. AE members shall be treated as TPF members for the purposes of arranging favourable trade agreements between AE and Alliances Allied with TPF, or TPF itself.
3. In exchange, AE shall prioritize trade deals with said Alliances above external deals.

Article VIII - Cancellation
1. TPF and/or AE may cancel this treaty with a minimum of three (3) days private notice to be provided to one another prior to cancellation.
2. Should one or more of the signatories be in a state of war, the Treaty may not be cancelled until the cessation of hostilities unless there is mutual consent.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation

JudgeX - Evil Overlord
Roadie - Evil Underlord
Leeguy - Magistrate of War

Signed on behalf of the Alternian Empire:

RevolutionaryRebel - Empress / Agent of Diplomaneuvering
Zhangku- Agent of Auspisticizing
JohnHenryHolliday - Agent of War
Marc Rodin - Agent of Prosperity

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