The Tetrarchy: Infomation

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The Tetrarchy: Infomation

Post  disillusionedHerbalist on Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:16 am

The Tetrarchy are the 4 agents in charge of the various parts of the Alternian Empire. But what do they do?

The Tetrarchy is made up of 4 members elected by the Alternian Assembly. The positions are:
The Agent of War ( )
The Agent of Diplomaneuvering ( )
The Agent of Prosperity ( )
The Agent of Auspisticizing ( )

The Tetrarchy in session.

The Tetrarchy are in charge of the quadrants, each quadrant is managed by a different agent. Their jobs are:
-The Agent of War ( ):
This agent is in charge of all aspects of warfare, ranging from ground attacks and spy operations to navy and missiles.

The agent of war taking matters into his own hands.

-The Agent of Diplomaneuvering ( ):
This agent is in charge of all aspects of foreign affairs, ranging from communication to diplomacy.

The agent of diplomaneuvering reading through a treaty (See "Down With The Clown Accords").

-The Agent of Prosperity ( ):
This agent is in charge of all aspects of trade and economics, ranging from technology deals to trade circles.

The agent of prosperity dealing with someone who isn't in their trade circle yet.

-The Agent of Auspisticizing ( ):
This agent is in charge of all aspects of internal affairs, ranging from recruitment to resignations.

The agent of auspisticizing recruiting new members.

Well, now we all know more about The Tetrarchy. You best get in your trade circles if you don't want your head bitten off.

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Re: The Tetrarchy: Infomation

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Wed May 08, 2013 3:58 pm


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