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GUIDE: Joining Cybernations Empty GUIDE: Joining Cybernations

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:05 pm

Joining Cybernations:
A shitty, but hopefully informative guide

Okay, so you want to join. Here's how it works:

Act I. Registration & Nation Creation
1. Click this link to go to the Cybernations website, then go to the left column on the site, and click 'Register. (This is a referral link; make sure you register from that page; once you are larger, I'll send you the bonus)
Once you have done that, you should get a screen to choose your username and email address. You cannot change your username, so don't call yourself Turdfarm Buttstink unless you're prepared to live with it for eternity.
You'll then get an email with a temp password. Use that to complete the next step, then set your password. Remember this. This is important.

2. You should now have this screen (see spoiler).
GUIDE: Joining Cybernations Cn%2520example%25201
I'll break it down below; you can also click or hover over the blue text on any term to learn more about it. For now though, we can move on. All this information can be viewed on this page, for ease of reference.

Here's what you should do have to fill in:

  • Nation Name
    This is what your nation will be called for all eternity. Like with username, it's worth being sensible here, but make it something that sounds cool for a nation name. Want to have a nation led by Mindfang? Go for it. A nation of Gambl8gents would be hella fun.
  • Capital City Name, Ethnic Group & Currency
    This is fluff; you can change this later if you want, but it's nice to have something that fits your nation.
  • Nation Team
    This is a bit like continents. Nations on the same team can get a trade bonus later, so it's a good idea to make sure you are on the same colour as the others. For now, everyone is on BLUE, so we recommend joining that team.
  • Tax Rate
    This is how much money you make. This alters how much your people like you. According to the game mechanics, the 'sweet spot' for this fluctuates a little, but it is generally best between 12 and 16%. This gets you the most money while keeping your people happy.
    This determines how effective your army is; lower means higher readiness. Starting in DEFCON 5 is best however because you get more money that way. And money is power in this game. Sweet, sweet power.
  • War/Peace Prefs
    This is a fun mechanic. Being set to peace means you cannot be attacked. The flipside is, you gradually get less money, your unpopularity goes up over time, etc. This badly stunts your growth, which you need when you're young. Your new nation cannot be attacked for several days due to the game mechanics, so it is best to set it to WAR. We can worry about wars later, when our nation is bigger.
  • Government & Religion
    Each government type has different bonuses. For new nations, Monarchy has the best bonuses. Religion can be set how you like. Occasionally, your people might want you to change these later, but for now they should be happy.
  • Nation Slogan
    Have something you want to say about your nation? Put it here. Note: Every nation that sees your nation page later will be able to read this message. You can change it later on.
  • Map
    This is also fluff. Put yourself wherever you like. Once this is all done, you can click that button on the bottom and YOU'RE DONE! WOOHOO!

Hopefully that wasn't too bad. Razz

There are other guides regarding game stuff, like this one, which explain things in terms of exact game mechanics, and in full detail. Sadly, most of them are also very hard to understand as a new player and really, I'm not nerdy enough to go into that. I can post a guide as to what to do on your first day in Cybernations though, depending on interest. Until then, shoot me a PM if you need further guidance on the game.

GG ALL. Hope to see you there!

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GUIDE: Joining Cybernations Empty Re: GUIDE: Joining Cybernations

Post  RevolutionaryRebel on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:29 pm


Once you have entered the game, you're ready to join the Alliance. Once you have signed-up (see link below) we can help you out with the rest of the game.


Proceed on directly to our First Day Guide once you have completed this guide and registered on the forum.

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